how do I reduce space between lines?

• Apr 2, 2021 - 16:13

Can I reduce space between lines without affecting lines and measures size?
thank you


The space between what lines, the 5 lines of a normal staff? Between staves? Between the 2 staves of a Piano? between systems? All different settings...

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But also note, it is counterproductive to fiddling with settings like that on an empty score. MuseScore adjusts the spacing based on the actual content of the page. If the score is just two empty lines like the picture shows, the value chosen there is fine really, but a different value will be chosen as you start to enter notes, optimized for your actual scoire. So fiddling with the defaults now will often prevent MuseScore from producing the correct results later. Only once the score is basically completed should you be trying to evaluate how much space to add. And even then, there are many different considerations to take into account, like whether you would be better off changing system or page breaks so you don't have, for instance, 9 systems on one page and 3 on the next when 6 on both would look better, and 8 on both might look better still.

So if you attach your actual score once done, we can help advise better the best way to achieve the good spacing.

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I'm well aware of your comment. I added a picture of a new empty score page to exemplify what I was looking for since I didn't know the term. I called it spacer between lines and it appears that the correct term is systems since lines can be one of the five in a staff. My scores are for 1-3 instruments of limited spectrum (flutes). I don't play any instrument but my wife plays the flute and I try to find, edit, convert from other instrument, add a second flute, write the score from hearing etc all with Musescore.
the answer I got from jojo-Schmitz (format --> style --> page) did exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you, as always.

I have a bug with system space so i post here.

I don't succeed to put in one page the file "Le Chanteur good" enclosed.
I try to reduce the offset below music because the problem seems to come from that but then i have a bug, the music go outside the page (see "Le chanteur").

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Yes, i did it.
In fact i finally succeed to answer my problem i have to disable the automatic vertical justification and to reduce the maximum space between systems.

However there is a bug in the file "Le chanteur", the music shouldn't go outside the page.

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There is more ;-)
It seems Format -> Measure -> Spacing (is set to 1.0, default is 1.2) play a role. Resetting this parameter to the default (1.2) solves some issues.
The parameter Factor for distance between systems doesn't do that much, is has effect on multi staff systems only.

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"However there is a bug in the file "Le chanteur", the music shouldn't go outside the page."

As Jojo mentioned earlier, you can return to a sensible layout simply by following the menu option
Format > Style... > Page, then click the button Reset All Styles to Default

After that you can select Format > Style... > Page > Disable vertical justification of staves

The music then fits on a single page:
Le chanteur - reset all styles - disable vertical justification .png

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