Allow setting line spacing during pdf output

• Dec 11, 2021 - 17:53
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S4 - Minor
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Is there a way to specify line spacing for use with the "-o filename.pdf" option when converting a file to PDF from the command line?

The PDF generation works well, but by default, it uses an especially large spacing between lines, and that causes some pieces that could easily fit on a single page to be enlarged to double or sometimes triple pages.

Having somewhere to either reduce the font size or line spacing, so a score can be formatted onto a single PDF page would be extremely useful.


I'm doing a bulk operation across hundreds of files, so I only want to use the command line interface. Opening the GUI and manually exporting a PDF for each file is impractical.

I read about the --style option, but this doesn't seem to work at all. I opened the mscz file and manually lowered the "Min. system distance" so that all rows fit on a single page, then saved the style to a .mss file.

But if I try to run musescore3 tune.mscz -o tune.pdf --style tune.mss, then I get the error:

"QApplication: invalid style override passed, ignoring it."

and the pdf is rendered with system defaults, incorrectly formatting the notes onto two pages.

Why is Musescore outputting a style file that Musescore can't read? Am I exporting the wrong file? Attached is the invalid style file.

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There's nothing wrong with that style file as far as I can tell, seems to be a perfectly valid style file for older versions of MuseScore. For a current version of MuseScore, though, you'd want to update the version field to 3.02 instead of 3.01. Which happens automatically if you use a current version to create the style file, and that's actually recommended, since there are some new style options not present in older style files.