Chord symbol placement above fret diagrams incorrect

• Jun 21, 2020 - 12:10
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S4 - Minor
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Chord symbols are misplaced when attached to fret diagrams, being too high above and too far to the left.

This issue is not present in 3.5, but is present in master. I am currently git-bisecting to try and find the culprit.


When creating a new score and add fret diagram the chord symbol is indeed too high.
But when I click somewhere on the page, the distance between fret diagram and chord symbol becomes "normal". This works only once! And only for newly created scores ?!? After saving and reloading the score the chord symbols are placed too high again.
There are also no alignment options available (yet?), I think that's the problem.

So are you saying it's literally only in master, not in 3.x current? I can't reproduce using a build from latest 3.x sources. Maybe somehow I am misunderstanding the steps? I'm just create a new score (treble template) and adding C major fret diagram. Looks fine to me?

it is in master only indeed.
When I was working on PR 5876 - Fix #293785: Fix #302590: Fix #294890: Chord symbols jump when user goes into edit mode I saw a similar phenomena and solved it that PR (at least partly). However this PR is merged in 3.x but not in the master (yet?). Also, in the new inspector there are no alignment parameters (left/right/.., top/bottom/...) so the algorithm falls back on what there is on the object, or on the defaults.
My best guess, this is the root cause. I think we have to wait until the PR is merged in master and see whether is still there.

Well, can you verify if chord symbols appear in the right place relative to fret diagrams? If they do (i.e. being just above the diagram, and centred), then feel free to close this. If not, then it's still an issue.

Status active needs info

I am not familiar with fret diagram convention and how it should look, e.g. have no way of telling "if chord symbols appear in right place relative to fret diagrams". Could you possibly upload
a) a score and
b) if it still does not show correctly in master, some pictures showing how it looks in v3.6.2 vs master?
If we have a score file to check the latest build against, it makes it very easy for anyone to reproduce and check if the issue still applies. This is how I was able to move a number of open issues forward, for possible closure. Whoever logs an issue like this usually has a very good idea of what they expect to see, as well as should have a test file readily available.