"Automatic bracketing" feature keeps overriding custom bracketing when hiding/unhiding staves

• May 4, 2021 - 17:48

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a score with 2 violins, 1 piano, 1 cello.
2. Manually delete the light square bracket that connects the two violin staves.
3. Press "I" and uncheck the "visible" checkbox next to the Cello part in the Instruments panel. Press OK.
4. Now the light bracket you deleted in step one is back.
5. Delete the light bracket again.
6. Press "I" and check the "visible" checkbox, press OK.
7. Now the light bracket is back again.

Repeat steps 2 to 7 any times, the result will be the same: the bracket keeps coming back, no matter how many times you delete it.


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As a matter of fact even "ordering and bracketing" is not correct because the feature is also responsible for extending bar lines within a section :-).

Also, Ordering is correct since it selects a score ordering. Based on a score ordering barlines can be extended and both thin and think brackets can be generated per score section. So there might be no bracketing at all, or even partial. In that case "ordering and bracketing" can be even misleading.
For this reason I think changing the name isn't a good idea. A better documentation is better.
Just my two cents.

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FWIW (not that you don't know this already!), it also affects spacing of the staves when vertical justification is enabled - the algorithms that decide where the extra space should go within a system while stretching it out to fill the page use the same grouping information. So it's really a pretty pervasive thing. If a name change were to happen, maybe it should be to some more generic, like "organization" or "arrangement" or "structure" or something like that (none of those are very good, you get the idea).

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