UI Suggestion for Score Lock Feature

• Oct 12, 2020 - 16:07
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  1. Open or Create a score
  2. Lock it (Ctrl-Shift-L)
  3. Click on the first measure and type "N" to try and enter note input mode
  4. Drag the score

Expected result: dragging the score keep the score in a locked state
Actual result: the score leaves SCORE_LOCK state

As locking a score is mainly used to prevent accidental edits by the mouse, it is rather ironic that precisely such an action results in unlocking the score.

Additional request: include a menu entry (perhaps under Tools or Edit) to make (Un)locking the score discoverable.


One of the main purposes for the lock score function was in response to teachers who did not want their students to edit their homework. Making this feature more discoverable would defeat the purpose.

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Interesting angle.
The one I'm coming from (and the poster that triggered this) is where the score is distributed for the choir and the members should be protected from accidental changes due to dragging it around. But they shouldn't be prohibited to change it at all and it mustn't be too hard to discover how to "unlock" the score again if they for example wish to scale up their voice staff in comparison to the others.

How is locking a score useful (like to prevent another user in a different session to accidentally modify it), it it isn't a score property that gets saved along with the score?

STATE_LOCK yes; read what I mean, not what I type :-)

For the choir use case it should be saved into the score (although as an in between workaround we could have a plugin to open a score and lock it in a single action).

There is nothing corresponding to write to a score. It is a state, internally used by MuseScore (like edit, note-enty, play, etc), while doing certain operations, nothing that would be written to a score

Just a note that there is a different form of score locking implemented for the purpose of the score comparison tool, so make sure you can't edit the "last saved version". I briefly looked into"productizing" that (perhaps by incorporating that code into the existing lock command). First attempts were promising but there were some bugs I couldn't immediately solve, and I had too much else going on to continue. Still do, unfortunately.

Reading the original forum issue, a readonly score is requested but the best MuseScore offers is a locked score which is also far too easy to unlock ;-). The readonly score is where @Marc Sabatella is referring to?

Title Locked score unlocks by mouse interactions UI Suggestion for Score Lock Feature

In a future Musescore UI for the score lock feature, perhaps the "Mark as Final" feature in Microsoft Word might be a relevant model. Once set, the UI clearly shows the lock, but ANY user has the ability to turn off the lock and edit.

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