MuseScore 3 does not set correct paper size in Linux

• Jan 25, 2019 - 16:37
Reported version
S3 - Major

MuseScore 3 is supposed to get the page size for new scores from the default printer, but new scores always default to "A4" paper size despite all of my printers being set to "Letter" page size. This bug occurs for me on multiple Linux installs using either AppImage or Flatpak versions of MuseScore, but does not happen in Windows.

Here are all of my Linux installs where I've been able to verify the bug (all 64-bit):

  • Desktop: KDE neon User Edition 5.14 (Bionic base)
  • Laptop: KDE neon User Edition 5.14 (Bionic base)
  • VirtualBox: Kubuntu 18.04
  • VirtualBox: Xubuntu 18.04

This bug does not occur with MuseScore 2.

MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: f494c48


FWIW I am encountering this as well. I am not currently able to debug on Linux so I can't say for sure why it's not working. The code in main() seems OK as far as I can tell, it gets a printer with default settings, then checks the page size. I'm kind of guessing isValid(0 is returning false for whatever reason. In my case, it's a PDF printer.

/etc/papersize may not be reliable. I'm on Ubuntu in the UK, using UK English for language and units. For some reason my /etc/papersize is letter, but if I try to print in any program it correctly defaults to A4 size.

It seems programs ignore /etc/papersize, though I'm not sure what they use instead.

I'd like to see some solution, though, whether using /etc/papersize (presumably if it's wrong on your system, you could then fix it) or maybe providing a preference to override the system default.

Is there any reason we don't just have MuseScore check /etc/papersize on Linux?
There is no such file on e.g. openSUSE, it might be available on Debian based systems only. Therefor a solution depending on the existence of such file might not be that reliable.

Regardless of the local paper size, the user may want to commonly draft sheet music in a different paper size. It makes the most sense to me to make this a user-settable preference.

I'd vote that on first run, musescore takes its best guess as to an appropriate paper size (using /etc/papersize, defined printers, time zone / locale, language, whatever makes sense and with whatever priorities) and either just goes with that or pops up a dialog for the user to confirm the guess, if that seems acceptable.

The user can then change the default at any point later through preferences. With this arrangement, neither they nor musescore need to worry too much about it.

It certainly shouldn't default to something hardcoded if no printer is defined -- I'm in the US and have never configured a printer with lInux in my life, and every time I make a new piece of sheet music I have to remember to change the paper from A4 (correct me if wrong) which is a bummer.