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Forum topic Fine on a note in a measure AIJohnsen 29 1 day ago
Issue Request option to copy system elements with copy/paste (ALL ELEMENTS) Adrien de Croy 143 1 month ago
Forum topic How to Efficiently Notate "Hanging" Slurs/Ties Quinn Ouyang 32 3 months ago
Issue Make "Visible" checkbox in Instruments dialog available for individual staves within an instrument Recorder485 16 3 months ago
Forum topic Freeze on score upload when matching score to composition bebobebo 3 3 months ago
Issue Allow separate "Minimum distance" for Accent and Staccato geetar 16 4 months ago
Issue Displaying custom key signatures in multiple clefs Uphoff 22 4 months ago
Forum topic How do you add these lines in a musescore? Coouge 10 4 months ago
Forum topic Section break pause should occur after section has completed bebobebo 1 4 months ago
Forum topic Spontaneous factory reset bebobebo 3 4 months ago
Forum topic Musescore 3 Problem with keyboard Ohad_iL 18 4 months ago
Issue Fixed spacers do not function with vertical justification enabled bebobebo 27 5 months ago
Issue Changes in clef and key signature on save/reload with system changes involved bebobebo 4 7 months ago
Forum topic Musescore repeatedly crashes on upload szekelyga 15 7 months ago
Issue Acciaccatura after note chen lung 11 7 months ago
Forum topic Make bottom margins the same while retaining uniform staff spacing PiGuy139 4 7 months ago
Issue Cyrillic text in _Italic_ doesn't render correctly in Edwin bebobebo 7 8 months ago
Forum topic Vertical Justification before page break bebobebo 5 8 months ago
Forum topic 502 Bad Gateway kzhang0338 21 8 months ago
Forum topic Make standalone staves part of a pair of piano staves bebobebo 8 10 months ago
Forum topic 8va only for first voice Andreas Förster 2 20 10 months ago
Forum topic What's the music term for canceling pedal? Haoto 23 11 months ago
Forum topic progressive web app bebobebo 2 11 months ago
Issue Pedal text cannot be turned back on again in Inspector bebobebo 1 11 months ago
Issue Bad layout with grace notes cadiz1 5 11 months ago