Clef Between Grace Notes

• Oct 6, 2015 - 19:45
S5 - Suggestion

Currently, it is impossible to put a clef between a grace note and the principal note. This feature request is to allow specifically that, because there is no clean way to do this outside of absurd usage of invisible notes that would generally have the end result looking really ugly. See the attachment for an example.

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Found the following workaround, specifically for acciaccatura/appoggiatura figures (grace notes with slash):

  1. Insert clef change and first note after clef change. In the attached picture, this is the D in treble clef.
  2. Add grace note directly to the note after the clef change. Set it to the note you wish to play, even if it is several octaves away. In the attached picture, this is the B-flat in bass clef.
  3. Set all grace note elements except the slash as invisible by pressing "V" or by unchecking "Visible" in the Inspector. Then, select the slash and uncheck "Automatic placement" in the Inspector.
  4. Select the clef change and uncheck "Automatic placement" in the Inspector.
  5. Add a quaver grace note (after) to the note before the clef change. Set it to the note you wish to display, including any accidentals.
  6. Select the grace note you just created. In the Inspector, uncheck "Play" and "Automatic placement".
  7. Using the Inspector, align the elements as necessary using "X offset". In my particular case, the clef required an X offset of 3.5 sp, while the muted grace note required a Chord X offset of 2.5 sp, though it may be different in your case. Make sure "Automatic placement" is unchecked!
  8. Select the slash from the first grace note. Use the arrow keys to align it with the muted grace note before the clef change.
  9. Select the muted grace note. Press "S" to create a slur. Move or modify the slur as necessary to avoid interference with the clef.

You should be left with something that looks like the attached picture.

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