Grace notes before clef?

• Jun 4, 2019 - 03:21

Is it possible to replicate the PNG in Musescore? It has the grace notes before the clef changes

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I assume the notes are bass clef before the change? Depending on the rest of the context (eg, is this the begining of the measure or not), and how hard you want to work to make playback sound right, you can force this notation either using grace notes after on the previous note, or using negative leading space on the note after the clef combined negative horizontal offset on the grace note.

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not really difficult for playback and correct appearance. Assuming in bass clef and the grace notes in bass. Then the treble clef is added before the root note and all notes shift to treble including the grace notes. Make these notes invisible and add additional notes to the grace cord. Place those on the treble clef with the same tones as the hidden notes. Uncheck the play box for these new news in inspector. Play around with negative offsets to move the grace cord and and positive offsets for the clef sign. The playback should play the correct grace note tones and the score should have the "visible" notes as if they were on the bass clef.

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Well I may need to revise the previous comment. I looked like it worked until I closed the score and reopened or just moved to another page or resized the existing. Since this was at the beginning of the measure the clef was forced to the left of the beginning bar line and can't move it into the measure. So need to test it on middle measure clef change.

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The issue comes back again as I work on another movement in the same piece. So far the best work around as far as playback is to ignore the clef change at the beginning of the measure and place the grace notes on the same clef as the host note, in this case treble. To get the grace notes to look correct, I can make these invisible. To get the grace notes to look correct, I had to add a dummy note on a second voice so I could add another appoggiatura that looked correct as if placed against the "missing" bass clef. The dummy note and grace notes were set to not play. So far so good. But two issues: The invisible, playing grace notes extend to first octave and on treble clef is way below the staff lines. I would like to use a 8va bassa on the grace notes but cannot apply it only to the grace notes only as it wants to apply to the main note even if I only select the grace note chord. From an appearance standpoint I am now looking at applying graphical clefs but find that I cannot adjust the size from what is in the symbol palette and I would like to make them smaller because I do not believe the graphical symbols shift the notes in the score properly to accommodate their space. Not quite there. Going to try more with the symbols.

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