Pieces resetting themselves

• Mar 22, 2021 - 13:27

This has happened to me with every single one of my pieces and it's extremely infuriating. Every time I finish with a piece all of my work is jumbled up, all of the edits I made to beams, slurs, dynamics, fingering placements, text position changes all get reset to their original position; and when I'm transcribing a 20 to 30 page Liszt or Chopin piece, every piece takes twice as long and it's extremely annoying because I have to go back to the first page and fix everything again until the last page.


At the end of your session, perhaps you are unintentionally pressing Ctrl+R?

Ctrl+R is the shortcut for Format > Reset Shapes and Positions.

It's possible you are accidentally opening an older version of the file - for whatever reason this seems a common mistake. if you're sure you opened the exact right file from the exact right folder and don't see your edits, then in order to assist, we'd need you to attach the file here and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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Can you explain the steps to take to reproduce the problem? When I load your score, measure 30 looks quite messed up compared to your picture, and I can see that's because there is a very large and inappropriate-seeming leading space adjustment to the first note. So I reset that using the Inspector, then it looks more like your picture, except the clef change is missing. When I add it, it applies the the grace notes, and I gather you don't want that are applying some sort of trickery to get around this. Probably whetheever you are doing is what is contributing to the problem here, So, if you describe in more detail what you do, then we can hopefully a) verify it doesn't work, and b) suggest something else that does.

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At the beginning of the bar the grace notes are in the supposed base clef, but the notes itself are in the treble clef. I add invisible grace notes in the 2nd voice for playback only, then I add the treble clef so that both the notes and grace notes are in the treble clef, then I add the grace notes to the first voice and turn playback for them off and I turn automatic placement for the clef and move it in between the grace notes and the normal notes. The problem is every time I save and re-open the piece the treble clef that's supposed to be after the grace notes is gone and the base clef beginning of the measure and is now a treble clef and is offset to the right. I'm not very good at explaining but I hope this is clear enough.

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The basic problem is the unresolved bug in MuseScore which doesn't allow a change of clef between a grace note and the principal note. This bug was first reported in the Issue Tracker in 2015:
#82531: Clef Between Grace Notes

There is a similar (but different) problem described in a post titled "Possible or not? Change of clef in a run of grace notes":
In that thread @mike320 described an elegant workaround involving tuplets. That idea might also work for you? I think you would also have to apply the tuplet fix to the piano RH (with a hidden rest), in order to keep the timing and placement right.

Both these threads relate to the general issue heading:
#310776: [EPIC] Grace note issues

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