Workspaces does not save palettes MuseScore 4.

• Dec 16, 2022 - 01:33

I am trying to create a custom workspace in MuseScore 4 however changes to the palettes menu do not persist upon closing the application.

Changes I make to control visibility/layout work fine but any edits/changes I make to the palettes menu do not save upon closing the program. Upon relaunching, the palettes menu will revert to the default state, deleting any custom palettes and other element such as custom time signatures.

Is there a bug preventing the palette menu from being saved automatically, do I now need to manually save custom palettes, or is this functionality now separate from workspaces?


i’ve been having the same problem, and honestly it’s extremely frustrating. as for custom palettes, none of the methods i’ve tried seem to work (besides manually saving each and every one, but you’ll also have to manually load and reorder them in each time you reopen musescore), so i hope this gets resolved soon.

the changes i made to the layout don’t save either, so i wonder if i’m doing something wrong.

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yeah, right.

I've thought about that many times - no evidence to date that the existing coding community is either welcoming or constructive in their engagement with new people, so not that keen. If you point me in the direction of the onboarding process/documentation, I'll consider it

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Unfortunately it's a bit of a closed club. The complete lack (or confusion of multiple conflicting) onboarding documentation is a deterrence. They'd rather harangue every person individually for not knowing all the arcane secrets or rules of the day for engagement, than actually make it a welcoming professional development environment.

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Actually, there is a thriving community of developers with new folks joining all the time! To learn how to get involved, see the Contribute / Development menu above.

As for whatever issue you are seeing with workspaces, feel free to describe in more detail. Workspaces are saved automatically on program exit or workspace change, but you do need to be careful not to have multiple instances overwriting each others’ changes.

I'm not having this problem, but one thing I wonder - do you perhaps have multiple scores open and making different changes in different windows that are clobbering each other? I've made that mistake.

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