Playback won't play certain notes on the second repeat

• Feb 25, 2023 - 02:07

This song repeats 2 times, and on the 2nd repeat (third time playing) certain notes will only play for half a second instead of what they're supposed to play for. I've marked these notes with Tenuto markings to try to see if that would fix it but it didn't, but I kept them on there so you'd know which notes are having the problem. If someone could explain to me what is wrong and how to fix it that'd be great because I feel as if Musecore 4 just has problems in general whenever I try to get songs to playback correctly, as they're written.
(This is for Musecore 4 by the way, if you didn't already catch that)

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I noticed something similar yesterday on a score I'd created where MS failed to play back anything from the first few measures on the 2nd repeat. Restarting MS cured it .. until next time.

That score got last saved with 4.0.0, consider updating to 4.2.1
(But that post is a year old now, so maybe you already did)

These quarter notes to sound long enough to me, they stop at the rests, like they should (in absence of a pedal marking)

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