all of my songs on musescore are gone.

• Mar 5, 2023 - 21:40

i literally am so mad right now. i finished three great songs last year on musescore 3, and they were all saved fine. fast forward to this year, i decide to open up the app, and find that musescore 4 now exists, and all my songs are gone. i assumed it was a glitch considering that the new ms4 must have taken them, but on there i have nothing too.

this is literally tens of hours of my life and i am so insanely annoyed at this.

and before anyone says: i did filter my mac with .mscz files. i did check application support on the hidden files thing and come across 65 scores with nothing on them. i literally do not know what else to do.


  1. Install MS3 (which will co-install with MS4) and see what you find. The music files are not installed inside the application unless you 've done some weird customization.
  2. Check your backups. Seriously. It's 2023 and the message has been the same for half a century: backup.

What does " 65 scores with nothing on them" mean?

Do you mean scores with the MS4 icon? If so, those are your MS3 scores. With MS3 reinstalled, right click on one of them and select open with MS3.
This is not a backup problem. You did nothing wrong.

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Pls. attach one of them. This way we can check if they are actually lost. I do not believe it.

If you try to open a MS 4 score using MS 3.x you will get a message. If you press ignore, yes, then you will get an empty score. If this is your problem: there are different ways to open them with MS 3.x.

One thing is 100% sure: MuseScore does not delete scores, ever. It simply doesn't have the capability.
And MuseScore won't touch existing scores and empty them, all by itself, either. Never, ever.

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