Underscore not working for lyrics melisma on AZERTY keyboards

• Feb 1, 2023 - 14:44
Reported version
S3 - Major

1) Underscore key for lyrics writing is not working. (ie, nothing happens when pressing the key)
2) Underscore with "Ctrl + underscore" works well
3) I'm using a French AZERTY keyboard


Status active needs info

Can you explain what you mean in more detail? Are you trying to create a melisma? Are you pressing the underscore key once for every note you wish to extend it under? PRessing underscore once only won't produce any visible result indeed; a single note isn't a melisma.

Try to redefine the shortcut: Edit/Preferences/Shortcuts
The value must be "melisma"
The default shortcut doesn't seem to work with an AZERTY keyboard.

Title Underscore bug Underscore not working for lyrics melisma on AZERTY keyboards
Status fixed active

That's a good workaround, but should work out of the box

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Several issues linked with melisma (using AZERTY keybord, windows 11, French version):
1. the menu of edit/preferences/shortcut definition has no lift.
2. After having put the melisma on the lyrics, I merged the notes : the melisma (underscore) should disappear, but it remains. I could let it disappear only after keying again on the shortcut for melisma. On Musescore 3, it disappeared alone, or disappear when keying again the lyrics with spaces or dash between syllabus.

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There is no announcement within the forum, but it was announced on the Discord server (the official place for development discussions), and you’ll also note the link to this issue tracker is gone from the Support menu here on this site. It’s definitely a fact - this issue tracker is now retired, kept available only for historical record.

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So your previous statements about referring to the Announcements forum - where there is no mention of a transition to Discord (first time I've heard it mentioned anywhere) should be taken with a grain of salt?

Really you guys do no one any favours with completely inconsistent messaging. It's really an insiders' boys' club.

The move of development discussion from IRC to Telegram happened many years ago, and the move from Telgram to Discord at least a year or two ago. The location for development discussion is documented in the developer handbook, which you can access via the Contribute / Development page of this site. For as long as I can recall (certainly over a decade) that's been the place to learn about development activities.

Development discussion has never been on this site that I'm aware of, except here and there when it happens to arise naturally out of some other end-user-focused discussion. All are welcome to contribute to development; there is no "insider" aspect to it. But it's true that to avoid overwhelming development discussion with support discussions, it's never been on the forum. Also because chat facilities are much more conducive to the sort of real-time exchanges that are often needed. Further discussion also takes place on GitHub, as it has many years.

Not sure which previous statements of mine you are talking about.

And I'm not sure who are referring to as "you guys" - none of the core development or management team members are participants in this thread.

THe issue tracker is a mechanism for users to report issues. According to the Musescore Announcements forum, it's still a place to lodge and track bug reports. There have been no updates to that announcement. Why end users reporting bugs should have to dig into a Developer Handbook to find out what the forum du jour is a mystery to me. I've run large scale alphas and betas with many thousands of engineering contributors and never seen the ad hoc practices that I've seen here.

The musescore.org issue tracker was formerly the place for users to report issues. Now, issues are to be reported on GitHub, and indeed, it isn't really desired that average users would be using that the way this issue tracker was often missed - opening "issues" that were really support questions, or that had no clear description or steps to reproduce the problem as well but said said, for instance, "help musescore is bugging out" or whatever. As an experienced manager of software projects, you obviously are extremely familiar with how unproductive such reports are, and how important it is to avoid flooding the developers with such reports directly intermixed with "real" issues, which is why virtually every product I've worked on in my own 40-year career has had separate internal vs external systems.

In fact, a very large percentage of the issues here on the former musescore.org issue tracker are not actionable at all, and this has seriously hampered progress for years. The intent going forward is to increase the usefulness of the new issue tracking system by encouraging higher-quality reports, and that does indeed mean raising the bar somewhat on how they entered.

What this means in practice is that the current recommendation is that users post to the Support and bug reports forum as the first line of defense. That's always been the name of the forum, and it was always unclear to users why there was that and also the issue tracker and when to use which. Now, that confusion is eliminated - end users not already familiar with GitHub should report directly to the "Support and bug reports" forum first. Then, if/when an issue is confirmed there by more experienced users, then those more experienced users can forward the report to GitHub, or direct the OP to do so if it is felt they are ready.

It's far from a perfect system and is still very much in transition, which is presumably why there is no big announcement outside of Discord yet. In particular, we desperately need a simpler way to forward issues from the forum to GitHub.

And - if you've got tons of development experience, then of course you are welcome to get involved with MuseScore development as well - such is the beauty of open source!

To be clear: I am not saying end users should be digging into the developer handbook. The things I said in there are for developers, obvious, and since you were asking questions that related to development, I told you that this is where to find more information. End users should be going to the forum first, unless they are experienced enough to be able to submit good solid GitHub reports. In the open source world, this had and fast distinction between "developer" and "end user" doesn't exist - it's just different levels of "ownership". The system absolutely will depend on the efforts of a group of users who are experienced enough to be able to work directly with developers by performing this sort of triage and making sure issues initially reported on the forum get forward to GitHub. You're welcome to help in that effort as well!