Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Allow instrument name change by double or right-clicking name in score Gertjan Veenstra 32 1 week ago
Issue Crash on tie in score with parts tobik 10 2 weeks ago
Issue Huge spaces between music staves and tablature with offset rests in voice >1 geetar 24 3 weeks ago
Forum topic Mensurstriche Pamina513 7 1 month ago
Issue breath marks to non-voice 1 notes are placed wrongly Jojo-Schmitz 13 1 month ago
Issue Implement collision avoidance between rests and notes/rests in other voices tobik 18 1 month ago
Issue No time signature after section break tobik 48 2 months ago
Forum topic MuseScore 3.3 Release Anatoly-os 105 2 months ago
Issue tie and slur OEST 29 2 months ago
Issue "Save As..." (and more) should default to current file location instead of Scores directory or other previous folder Isaac Weiss 23 2 months ago
Issue Crash after playback tobik 2 2 months ago
Issue Staff/Part properties >> Advanced Style Properties >> Stemless crashes MuseScore tobik 17 3 months ago
Forum topic Balken über achtel Pause tobik 3 3 months ago
Issue Final barline does not span to the second line after MusicXML import tobik 3 4 months ago
Issue [MusicXML import] crash on empty credit-words tobik 16 4 months ago
Issue Missing default keyboard shortcut for "Save as.." tobik 32 5 months ago
Issue "Generate key signatures" in staff type change does not work tobik 11 6 months ago
Issue (Autoformat) Anchorpoints change only based on the distance of the notation, ignoring lyrics belonging to the system musecore 12 7 months ago
Forum topic Übersetzung Inspekteur Notenzeilentypänderung Taktarten erzeugen tobik 4 7 months ago
Forum topic Zeilenabstände verändern inki.z 4 7 months ago
Forum topic SPLASH SCREEN + David Hoey 8 7 months ago
Forum topic Liedtext ausblenden Shanty-Kalle 4 8 months ago
Forum topic Tonart erstellen - bin begeistert tuxan 2 8 months ago
Issue New shortcut to add tied notes to a previously tied chord frfancha 35 8 months ago
Forum topic Was bewirkt der "feste Abstandhalter nach unten"? Guenther.Radlherr 8 8 months ago