Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue Newline dropped in texts tobik 8 16 hours ago
Issue No time signature after section break tobik 16 2 days ago
Issue Measure rest position tobik 3 4 days ago
Issue SHIFT+_ does not insert melisma but underline previous syllable. Hyphen does not work occasionally tobik 48 4 days ago
Issue UI font size tobik 18 4 days ago
Issue Add tied note by keyboard fails when notes are already present frfancha 33 5 days ago
Issue Cut text within staff text hangs program; copy/paste doesn't work tobik 11 5 days ago
Issue Collision of rest and note with voices tobik 1 6 days ago
Issue Add a method for placing system text below bottom staff rather than below top staff tobik 16 1 week ago
Issue Space for instrument name of hidden staff is reserved tobik 7 1 week ago
Issue High CPU load while the mixer is open tobik 3 1 week ago
Issue + should not tie a remote note/chord if there is another note/chord in between. tobik 1 1 week ago
Forum topic Midi files 8 1 week ago
Forum topic Marcato articulation incorrectly oriented Laurelin 6 1 week ago
Forum topic Marcato Articulation incorrectly aligned(Version 3.0) Laurelin 3 1 week ago
Issue Crash when dropping a text from palette in title frame tobik 4 1 week ago
Issue Only adjacent volta brackets should have the same height tobik 3 2 weeks ago
Issue breath marks to non-voice 1 notes are placed wrongly Jojo-Schmitz 8 2 weeks ago
Issue Wrong key signature behind section break when toggling concert pitch tobik 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Incorrect articulation direction with 2 voices in 3.0 with 2.3.2 score tobik 5 2 weeks ago
Issue Save As - MuseScore File directory is wrong after Save As - Image Capture tobik 4 2 weeks ago
Issue Instrument name is not selectable tobik 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Hyphens and underscore of lyrics text are not in line with the text Bacchushlg 9 2 weeks ago
Issue Crash when dragging anything from a palette over the score tobik 6 2 weeks ago
Issue Shortening notes too much leads to bad stem layout dmitrio95 9 2 weeks ago