Can't un-indent first line of music

• Nov 6, 2018 - 02:01

Hi there,

I have the attached file that I didn't create but am trying to edit. I want to un-indent the first line. In searching online, I've found two possible ways to do this, neither of which seem to apply here. I can't see that there's any frame to delete (and I do have "Show Frames" enabled). And the instrument names are blank, so they aren't taking up space in front of the staff.

I'm using MuseScore 2.3.2, and when I check for updates, it says I'm up to date. I'm on Mac OS Mojave (10.14).

Any ideas?


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This is actually a bug that seems to be the same as one recently reported against version 3.0 if I remember correctly. I'll find it and follow up with a link to the bug report so these can be automatically cross-referenced by the website.

To make the indentations go away you need to delete both the long and short instrument names on the staves that are being hidden. MuseScore is making some room for them for some reason. If you don't delete the short instrument names, systems after the first will be indented.

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Ah, I see. (I was just given this file to edit, so I had never hidden the staffs myself in the first place. :-) I guess the trade off is that then the names also disappear from where I do want them to show later, but I can live with that. Thank you!

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After I worte my response I had a suspicion you were not the one who hid the staves, and you confirmed that. You can put the short names back in so you can see the results, but when I was examining the the file the second system was indented and I didn't think that's what you wanted.

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