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Issue tie and slur OEST 29 11 months ago
Issue Crashing on Startup when running without -w commandline option qwertymenow2 14 1 year ago
Issue Half Time and Double Time plugins no longer working in v.3 ronnie.wisdom2… 4 1 year ago
Issue Plugins cannot read `scores` array (not available) and `curScore.name` always delivers "Score" OEST 13 1 year ago
Issue Version 3 will not open startcenter because OpenGL not supported John Wilkes 19 1 year ago
Forum topic Fragen zu Triolen Klaus-G 6 2 years ago
Forum topic Plugins don't get Basic Things running OEST 22 2 years ago
Issue Marking measure invisible does not take effect until the score is redrawn OEST 3 2 years ago
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Forum topic OpenGL error, Musescore 3.0.4 (32 bit) won't run DavidY 15 2 years ago
Forum topic Is 3.0.5 Plugin API stable? benjamincaryl1 5 2 years ago
Issue Parameters window is completely blank Peter G. Bouillon 11 2 years ago
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Forum topic Doubletime_v2 plugin guarnerius4me 5 3 years ago
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