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• Dec 2, 2015 - 22:16

I have (had) 5 pieces visible to everyone. Now I found relatively many clicks for one of the pieces which I could not really explain. Now I had a suspicion and .. it seems that this piece is linked to a website and there serves as advertising for MuseScore.
Whatever. I would like a way to restrict the visibility only to musescore members. Until then I will adjust my pieces to purely private visibility.



Hi Oest, it's currently not possible to disable access to your public scores via the API or embed code. But it's a good idea so I logged it on my todo list. As for restricting visibility on the site itself to members only, that won't be possible. You can only set your score to private or public. If you do with to share your score with only a select number of members, consider creating a group and adding your private score to that group.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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Hm.. no, thx.. I dont have a professional account. Won't create a group for my 5 pieces. I will hide them instead. But, one point you could may be also improve.
In the android app I can see the number of downloads while I see the number of view in my profile. Why not showing both in both places, or at least in the profile ?
By comparing the number of views to the number of downloads I found that the relation is significantly worse especially for one piece and this is the one which is externally linked to.
(, bottom of page)
Perhaps any visitor of that page creates a "view" for the one piece even if it was never on their screen.

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The statistics system on was built when we didn't have mobile apps and the developer API yet. So indeed, it needs a major overhaul to unlock new interesting data about your the usage of your scores. Something for 2016.

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