OpenGL error, Musescore 3.0.4 (32 bit) won't run

• Mar 10, 2019 - 21:52

I'm trying to run the 32-bit version of Musescore 3.0.4 on my old laptop which is running Windows 10 version 1809 (32 bit) .

I'm getting this error:

"Failed to create OpenGL context for format QSurfaceFormat(version 2.0, options QFlags < QSurfaceFormat::FormatOption(), depthBufferSize 24, redBufferSize -1, greenBufferSize -1, blueBufferSize -1, alphaBufferSize -1, stencilBufferSize 8, samples 0, swapBehavior QSurfaceFormat::DefaultSwapBehavior, swapInterval 1, colorSpace QSurfaceFormat::DefaultColorSpace, profile QSurfaceFormat::NoProfile) .
This is most likely caused by not having the necessary graphics drivers installed.

Install a driver providing OpenGL 2.0 or higher, or, if this is not possible, make sure the ANGLE Open GL ES 2.0 emulation libraries (libEGL.dll, libGLESv2.dll and d3dcompiler_*.dll) are available in the application executable's directory or in a location listed in PATH."

After the error I get the message "Musescore3.exe has stopped working" as it crashes out.

I've looked for the DLLs mentioned, and the 1st 2 are in the Musescore 3/bin folder, and the d3dcompiler_47.dll is in c:\windows\system32 folder (which is on the path).

As the DLLs seem to be present in the folders suggested, why do I get the error?

The laptop is old and I'm pretty sure later graphics drivers aren't available for the Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset graphics adaptor it's using.

Thanks for your help,

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Hi Jojo,
Not sure if you're addressing that at LPa9xH3UVuFA or me?
My machine hasn't had graphics driver updates for years - it's too old for them to bother updating. But the machine is running the latest released version of Windows 10 (1809).

My understanding of the message is that if hardware support for OpenGL isn't available in a high enough version, it should default to software emulation using the ANGLE libraries.

And the libraries mentioned in the error message are indeed present.
So why doesn't it work? Is it a bug in Musescore?


Hello David,

same problem to me. There is a failure with the start center, so musescore will crash. First, start musescore typing the following text "C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\musescore3.exe -w" in Windows Explorer and it will start without opening the start center. Then go to "Preferences" in the menu and dissble "Start center" So musescore will start without start center next time and you can use it by clicking the icon. BTW: In version 3.0.5 it's the same problem. Maybe for Mac users this is fixed, but not for Win32 - Systems.


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May be there is a difference in how far a machine supports OpenGl. On my old netbook I had already problems under MuseScore 2 but only for Plugins. When I was testing some Plugins I found that I can only use a message box but as soon as I tried a panel MuseScore 2 crashed. Unfortunately I had once activated such a Plugin which lead to a crash directly during startup. So I suppose that there is something in the startup procedure running plugins. For MuseScore 2 the Solution was a certain opengl.dll in the bin directory. With MuseScore 3 I was not optimistic to get it running and did uninstall as soon as I got this opengl message during startup. I will give it a try with start center switched off the next days...

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Yes, MuseScore 3 starts If the start center is deactivated but I get the OpenGL Problem again when I e.g. start the "panel" Plugin from Plugin Editor.
I read that angle OpenGL does not support my Intel GMA 3150. Also the mesa opengl.dll which allowed me to use Plugins in MuseScore 2 does not help here. Therefore I think I uninstall MuseScore 3 once again....

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