Marking measure invisible does not take effect until the score is redrawn

• Mar 28, 2019 - 19:28
Reported version
P2 - Medium
S4 - Minor

Loaded a score from Musescore 2, extracted parts and then wanted to hide a measure in a certain part.
This was not possible to do.
Went back to the score selected the measure of that instrument and there I could select for which instrument in want to hide this measure.
It is a bit strange that there you see something like line 1, line 2 .. instead of the instruments name, but ok. I klicked some line and applied the change.
That measure was still visible, no change happened?. Then I clicked something in the inspector and after that the measure became hidden.

So there seems some refresh missing.

But under the line the measure in the part was still there. Could be that if I would have recreated the part that then the measure would also be hidden - did not test that - but this cannot be the solution.

I do not remember for what reason I once used that hidden measures solution. Think I can live without that feature, justed wanted to report that this is not working as expected.


Priority P2 - Medium

I think the hiding is independent for score and part. So I was able to hide a measure in a part by doing so directly (has to be a part with multiple staves), but a measure hidden in the score was indeed not hidden in the part. That much could be by design, I don't know. but the not refreshing until the next layout is a bug for sure. See #282819: The "visible" checkbox inside bar properties doe not produce effect unless the page is redrawn

Title Measure hidden in score still visible in part Marking measure invisible does not take effect until the score is redrawn
Regression No Yes

In any score or part, there must be two staves with the same measure before you can select the "invisible" option from the Measure properties dialog. So if you create a part with only one staff, you will not have the option to make a measure invisible. Hiding the measure in the score then creating parts does not fix this limitation. That much is by design.

If you have several staves, use measure properties to make a measure invisible, it does not happen until you do something to force the score to be redrawn. This much is a minor bug, since it's easy to force a redraw.