System brackets/braces not staying where placed

• Apr 23, 2021 - 23:33

I guess a recent software release is setting system brace/bracket positions automatically. Having a default setting is fine, but I want to group staves with brackets as I choose. When I do, if I hide or expose a staff or staves while editing the brackets all revert to what I assume was their default positions (some of which make no sense to me). I want them to stay where I choose to put them. Is there a way to stop this behaviour?


Indeed, since 3.6 MuseScore has a new feature, score ordering. Based on a selected, predefined, score order, instruments are place in the correct order and also brackets are create as is "normal' for that particular order.
The order Rock Band will group the vocal in one group (with a bracket) and the guitars in other group (also group by a bracket). Other instruments are not grouped.
If you select a score order, in this case Rock Band and start moving instruments around (which is fine), the software knows the current instrument order doesn't match the selected order and will report this as a customized order, hence Rock Band (Customized) But it still is a Rock Band so brackets are still generated as it should be for a Rock Band.
By selecting the order Custom (as @Jojo-Schmitz already pointed) you effectively switches off the ordering and bracked generations (and in fact have the same behavior as it was in earlier versions of MuseScore).

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Ok, well that's where I started from and I couldn't get it to work. Rock Band is not grouping the guitars, which is actually part of what I was trying to achieve. I also added a single staff organ part. It insists on linking that to the adjacent lead guitar staff with a brace and bar lines. The attached file, set to Custom, is how I want it to appear. Changing it to Rock Band messes it up. Also, if I then hide or restore the backing vocal track (& maybe others?) the brackets get reassigned, although I see now that that is probably intentional.
I have my own default style sheet. Could that have an influence?

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I see, this is a bug. The guitars section Rock Band is grouping instruments of the family plucked-stringswhich contains instruments like Irish Tenor Banjo and Balalaika, instruments which are not that common in a rock band I assume.
Attached you find a modified rock band definition. To use this, open the Preferences (Edit -> Preferences...), go the to Score tab and put there the path of rockband.xml. Apply the form and go back to Instruments form (Edit -> Instruments). In the Ordering list you now will find a new ordering, Rock Band (Corrected).

Choose this ordering and everything is fine. Okay, almost everything. Another bug will create a brace from the Organ to the next staff and also connect the barlines of the Organ and the next staff. This is Organ is defined to have 3 staves and the first two staves should be grouped by a brace. The problem here is the algorithm has some problems to figure out which staves belongs to which instrument. E.g. 2 organ staves, does that mean one Organ with 2 staves (which should be group by a brace) or two Organs with 1 staff each (no grouping).
I will look into this. The work-around now is simply remove the brace and disconnect the barlines.

Having your own style sheet has no effect on the ordering and bracket/brace generation.

In the attached ordering the barlines within the guitars group are connected. If you don't want this, you can disconnect these barlines manually or adapt rockband.xml. In this add barLineSpan="false" to the guitars section (line 9), just as it is for the vocals in line 5.

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