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Forum topic Staff text above tempo, and measure number collisions? Laurelin 3 13 minutes ago
Issue Put Hairpin above Text Line Core in Inspector Laurelin 3 5 hours ago
Issue Saving during playback causes it to skip to a random note and hang, moves playback cursor elsewhere Laurelin 6 6 hours ago
Issue Key signature added in measure that was previous at start of system does not appear Laurelin 15 6 hours ago
Forum topic Playback halts temporarily (MS3 beta 2bxxxxx) jeroen2442 18 6 hours ago
Forum topic is not displaying MS3 scores correctly. Laurelin 3 8 hours ago
Issue Beta Update Save Online Hangs When Uploading Custom Audio Laurelin 7 10 hours ago
Forum topic 3.0 Layout mike320 3 12 hours ago
Forum topic Minim tremolo _xXx_Pug_xXx_ 8 13 hours ago
Issue Better selection of Orchestra Instruments Laurelin 11 13 hours ago
Issue System text ignored during autoplace when top staff hidden Laurelin 8 15 hours ago
Issue Auto-place doesn't ignore horizontal invisible elements Laurelin 6 15 hours ago
Forum topic Better selection of Orchestra Instruments Laurelin 3 19 hours ago
Issue Beaming options for minim tremolo guifre 15 20 hours ago
Issue 'After' grace notes appear superimposed on main note in short measures Laurelin 4 20 hours ago
Issue Grace note after overlaps preceding note Fyrult 15 20 hours ago
Forum topic Lignes supplémentaires raccourcies Raymond Wicquart 2 21 hours ago
Forum topic Unison instruments chasbo 12 1 day ago
Issue Tremolo copy & paste results in wrong note types Laurelin 4 1 day ago
Issue Cannot add proper slur to grace notes when there are more than one. Laurelin 22 1 day ago
Issue Shift+drag doesn't move staves anymore Laurelin 2 1 day ago
Issue Adding a tuplet to a non-top staff Part in Score+Parts causes crash Laurelin 2 1 day ago
Forum topic Actually printing parts, standard 10x13 size Laurelin 2 2 days ago
Forum topic Add Tempo shortcut? Laurelin 1 2 days ago
Issue Corruption and bad links using exchange voices on score with parts Laurelin 7 2 days ago