Trill line with accidental

• Dec 7, 2018 - 08:30

In page 86 of the User's manual, considering "Extended ornament lines", we find that:
To add an accidental to an extended ornament, such as a trill line, select the line and double-click a symbol from the Accidentals palette.
By doing so, we get the symbol of the accidental over the e.g. trill line, and that's O.K.
Yet, the accidental is not really played-back. If we have a trill of "do-re-do-re-do-re" with a flat (♭) above it, we still hear a natural re (♮).
Is there something we can do about this?
Thank you


MS3 has this fixed. Try the beta. Or, currently better, try the nightlies.

I wouldn't try the nightlies after MS3 is released. But for now, they're pretty stable.

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Hi! I find that this works, but the accidental is only visually rendered if I: change the focus to another program--such as my browser to report this problem--and then return to MS; or if I save the score (which, of course, is never a bad thing to do, but still: it's a little disconcerting to do something and expect a visual result and then not see that result--it makes one think one is doing something wrong and/or want to report a bug). :-)

Also: is there a "by-design" reason why this works with the line trill, but (seems) not (to work with) the ornament trill?


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