trills with an accidental

• Oct 7, 2018 - 01:29

I can get the natural sign from the master palette moved in front of the "tr" so it looks like it should, but it doesn't playback with the natural sign in effect. The trill is on a B flat in the key of E which has a C sharp. The purpose of the natural sign is to trill from B flat to C natural. As I say, it looks good but it does not play C natural, but C sharp. I am using MuseScore 2.3.2 on my macOS 10.13.6


For playback you can place a C natural in voice 2. Move the natural sign to the 'tr' ornament. Uncheck play (in Inspector) for the voice 2 note so it doesn't play concurrent with the B flat. The natural sign, though, is honored for the trill.
Have a listen:


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Thank you for your very prompt and helpful response. I was able to fix the trill to my satisfaction. I am curious as to why I can't see the "ghost" invisible notes in your Trill.mscz example. When I mark things invisible, I can still see a very faint image, but of course it does not appear when printed. However, in your example if I select the whole measure and toggle "V", I can see the green 2nd voice.


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