Acceleration is not good over many measures

• May 23, 2024 - 00:16

There are three modes for accel, I know. Normal is the only one that has made any sense. But none of them work particularly well over a large number of measures. Too slow - doesn't accelerate immediately, takes a couple measures. Not steady enough, too long in between tempo increases. Would be nice if it could make a curve that accels every tick, instead of every few measures. Ease in/Ease out of course either immediately moves to the new tempo or makes the slow start worse.

There is no way to disable playback on the marking either, and manually marking with invisible tempo marks does not override it, so I have to delete the accel marking entirely.

it would of course also be very nice if, like a crescendo, the accel marking could tell tempi at the beginning and the end of the accel and auto set the percentage increase.

accel starts two measures before g and ends two measures after h. I have it manual here, to approximate a better acceleration, but if you slap an accel at... 230? percent, that'll show what ms does itself

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Why would you attach an example of a problem ... that doesn't exhibit the problem? In future, attach an actual example of whatever problem you are talking about. I know what you are talking about with this issue, but in future, we may not.

The accel. marking can and does "tell tempo at the beginning and the end of the accel. and auto set the percentage increase". The problem is that it does it in exactly four discrete steps. This is fine for shorter accel.s, but not for those longer than about 2-3 measures.

Although the tool does not have a Play checkbox to uncheck, there certainly is a way to disable playback. Two ways, in fact.

1) Set the Playback value to "100%". That doesn't change the tempo at all. Then set your invisible tempo changes as often as you like. Personally, I use twice a measure.
2) Do not use the accel. line at all. Create a system text or a line with text (depending on whether you want the line or not) with the word "accel." Then set your invisible tempo changes.

Nonetheless, I have always been surprised and a little annoyed that the accel. marking does not have a "Play" checkbox. I think I understand why, but it's still annoying.

And finally, rit. has exactly the same issue. Equally annoying. Although I haven't tested them, I assume that the other versions (allarg., calando, lentando, morendo, precipitando, and rall.) also do this and thus are also equally annoying.

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