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Issue Fermatas are miscategorised TheOtherJThistle 9 6 months ago
Forum topic Christmas list mike320 23 6 months ago
Issue Can no longer disable "size changes with spatium" in text styles shoogle 12 6 months ago
Handbook 3 Capo playback TheOtherJThistle 0 6 months ago
Forum topic Possibilities for implementing single-note expression s.chriscollins 12 6 months ago
Issue Chord Input Piano Keyboard pianocomposer123 7 6 months ago
Issue Subtitle wrongly positioned in imported 2.x scores geetar 6 6 months ago
Issue Master Effects: Changes to "Effect A" or "Effect B" do not activate the "Load Default" button geetar 5 6 months ago
Issue Select>more... by subtype does not work to select by text style mike320 8 6 months ago
Issue Time signature does not always update in score mike320 5 6 months ago
Issue Selecting measure in part doesn't play from measure TheOtherJThistle 5 6 months ago
Issue Crash on opening this score TheOtherJThistle 3 6 months ago
Issue Reset to default button for previous Size changes with spatium in Format Text Styles is alone JLWaltener 11 6 months ago
Issue Frame controls in Style dialog do not work Marc Sabatella 6 6 months ago
Issue Consistent popping noises TheOtherJThistle 1 7 months ago
Issue Cannot use left arrow to cross barline in note input mode in voice 2 mike320 3 7 months ago
Issue Inconsistent underlining of tempo text TheOtherJThistle 8 7 months ago
Issue Text will not go underneath volta TheOtherJThistle 44 7 months ago
Issue Wrong Automatic Placement (stacked) of overlapped text elements danielkwan0516 12 7 months ago
Issue Radius for frame doesn't scale with size; more rounded than in 2.x Laurelin 6 7 months ago
Issue cant play from selection when going to part view jaac 10 7 months ago
Issue Tenor and bass drum definitions missing notehead info Marc Sabatella 5 7 months ago
Issue Allow periods in custom time signatures TheOtherJThistle 1 7 months ago
Issue Error opening file created in 2.3.2 JohnJ1995 7 7 months ago
Issue Segfault when selecting multi-measure rest and applying section break TheOtherJThistle 10 7 months ago