Fretboard diagram anomalies with MS3

• Mar 4, 2019 - 01:30

I am puzzling over two behaviors that surprise me. In the following example, I've added two fretboard diagrams.


  1. Both diagrams have been set to manual placement with a Y offset of -2.5. A blank diagram starts at the position on the right. The diagram hops up (a half space?) when I add any dots to it.

  2. When I add dots to the blank diagram, or indeed to any string, a circle appears above the string, as shown in the left diagram. I must manually clear each circle (by cycling through circle, X, blank). There is of course no situation where one would want both a dot on a fret and a circle above the string, so this is presumably a bug.

Finally, as I've mentioned before, I never (well, very rarely) want to use a circle or X above any of my diagrams. I use a different diagram style. In my ideal world, I would be able to turn off their automatic appearance (i.e. the default behavior wherein clearing a dot causes a circle to be displayed above the string). That behavior adds a lot of edit time to my scores. Just in case this has been implemented and I haven't spotted it, can someone confirm that there's no way to do this?


And one more anomaly. After copying and pasting a diagram with an offset, which is shown to the left, the pasted version has transferred the offset to the right side of the diagram. I can't see why this happened.


To reproduce this issue:

  1. "Default vertical position" (Format > Style > Fretboard diagrams) = 2.5.
  2. Add any fretboard diagram to the score and set the Y offset to -2.5.
  3. Create a blank diagram and save it to the workspace.
  4. Apply the blank diagram to the score and set the Y offset to -2.5.

Expected result: Diagrams should be on the same horizontal level?
Actual result: The blank diagram is lower than the diagram showing a chord.

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