[MacOS] Inputting notes results in a cracking noise

• Dec 22, 2018 - 20:43
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S2 - Critical

When inputting notes (through computer or piano) into any stave of a score, the end of the note cracks (on input, not during playback)

This has happened in:
- String Quartet from template
- Concert Band from template
- Concert Orchestra, edited from template

Does not happen in:
- Assorted octet (no template)
- Grand Staff from template


Thanks for the report. What OS are you using? And which version of Musescore?

Popping and crackling can happen because of low amounts of free RAM and/or a lack of system resources. A restart can often clear this issue up.

If it's consistent, please say.

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This is the generic "Mac stuttering/crackling problem", which I and some others suffer, but not reproducible enough for the staff to investigate it. My observations indicate that it happens only if particular notes in a particular soundfont have not been played in "a long time", e.g., as when entering them, or opening and playing a new score.

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I do know what you are talking about and experienced it in 2.3.2, but this is different (though possibly an extension?) This is every note on every instrument in any score I create from a template, and is easily replicable on my end. Is it still a mac-only issue?

Edit: Also, unlike the old issue this is never actually during playback, but when inputting and editing the score outside of playback mode

Edit 2: also @BSG this is irrespective of soundfont as well

Same issue here since 3.0. Only when in input mode, not playback. This is really annoying :/ Running a 2013 MBP with i7 and 16G of ram.

I finally found the stable scenario to reproduce the noise.

  1. New score with one instrument
  2. Add any number of any (e.g. 8th) notes
  3. Hold Space (quick play/pause)
    Result: no noise

  4. Add any instrument

  5. Hold Space
    Result: the noise is here

  6. Remove the new instrument

  7. Hold pause
    Result: no noise again

So, the reason is several instruments processing. I will dive deeper into it.

!!! Thanks for looking into this. I would be ecstatic and even build it myself to try it, but for the fact that I have had "many good weeks" without audio corruption -- something like the weather. Let's see if this cures cases worse than my own. Here's hoping for the best!

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 39305c9bc2

_fix #280493: fix audio glitches on note input and playback on MacOS

Ensure that realtime-context routines in sequencer do not access
QSettings directly and use cached preferences for faster access.
The exception is a hack with fake JACK transport on count-in: it
seems to require working with QSettings-based preferences directly.

This improves general performance of playback so audible glitches
which were reported for MacOS seem to not appear with this patch._

Reproducibility Always Randomly
Severity S2 - Critical S4 - Minor
Status fixed active
Type Functional Performance
Reported version 3.0 3.4

Hello all,

The update did fix most of my issues with playback and popping with one exception. Sometimes when I use musescore, playing a YouTube will cause my speakers to start crackling until I reload the video and restart it. Not sure if this can be fixed or not - this seems related to the general t2 chip audio issues. I'm using a new 16 inch MacBook Pro.

Reproducibility Randomly Always
Severity S4 - Minor S2 - Critical
Status active fixed
Type Performance Functional
Reported version 3.4 3.0

Please open a new issue for that and let this one RIP

Severity S3 - Major S2 - Critical
Status active closed
Reported version 3.4 3.0

As said earlier: please open a new one (with sutable information) and let this one RIP

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