Expressive sounds always loaded when score is opened

• Aug 28, 2020 - 14:40
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S3 - Major
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Save a score with non expressive sounds set in the mixer
Close and reopen the score

Results: The score has all expressive sounds selected if the default sound font is MuseScore General HQ or this first sound (normally grand piano) of any sound font that does not support expressive sounds.

Expected: The sounds set when the score was last saved are retained.

Note that opening the synthesizer and clicking the button
Set all sounds: "To Non-Expressive"
has no effect.

The user must manually change each sound if they do not use expressive sounds. Not big deal in a Sax solo but a very long process in a Wagnerian Opera.

This was originally discussed starting at


Regression vs. what version of MuseScore exactly?
I guess this is the case ever since Single Note Dynamics got added to MuseScore, right?
That would be 3.1 then

I'm not sure if this was the case in 3.4.2 and I know it worked correctly in 3.2.3. I never used any version between 3.2.3 and 3.4.2 so I don't know in which version the regression came along.

I agree. theotherjthistle said his refactoring PR was the likely culprit. It seems to be a regression against 3.4.2 then.

I can't reproduce this, actually. Using MuseScore General HQ:

  1. Create a new score.
  2. Check the mixer: expr. patches are set
  3. Go to the synthesizer > dynamics, click to non-expressive
  4. Check the mixer: normal patches are set.
  5. Save the file
  6. Close the score
  7. Reopen the file
  8. Check the mixer: normal patches are still set

Am I missing something?

Status active needs info

This is driving me crazy. I can now even change individual sounds in the mixer and they're sticking. I've been using 3.5 for this entire discussion and really got tired of having to keep resetting the sounds.

I've discovered that now when I open scores saved in earlier versions, they default back to expressive but the set to non-expressive button worked on my test. This is a minor problem and Dvorak Cello concerto in B minor.mscz is an example of a score I know I set the sounds to non-expressive that opens with them as expressive and therefore silent when using CC11.

Until I figure out what was happening I'm now putting the status to needs info. Hopefully I'll figure this out.