Synthesizer problem

• Aug 11, 2020 - 16:30

I'm not sure which version this started in, but I noticed it in 3.4.2 (before that I used 3.2.3 without this problem). The synthesizer has changed how it acts. I use CC11 for single note dynamics, which I've done since SND first came out. In 3.2.3 (or earlier), I clicked the switch all sounds to non expressive button and saved the synthesizer settings as my default. When I created a score, the instruments in the mixer were of the non-expressive variety. Now when I create a score the instruments in the mixer are the expressive variety and do not play using CC11. I've tried using the set to non-expressive button but it doesn't remember that I pressed it. In fact the save as default button is grayed out. There should be no need to go into the synthesizer every time I create a score.


FWIW, I know you had mentioned you were able to get some other soundfonts to play single note dynamics using CC11, but I was never able to reproduce that. For me, most soundfonts just don't support SND and never have, regardless of synthesizer or mixer settings.

But if you attach a specific score and link to a specific soundfont and give precise steps to reproduce what you are describing, we can try to look into it.

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Here's what you do

Set Dynamics method: to CC events only (Constant velocity) and CC to use: to CC 11 click on the Switch all sounds: To Non-Expressive. Create a score, open the soundfonts and see that the instruments have the Expressive sounds, assuming you have MuseScore_General_HQ.sf3 as your default sound font, otherwise the sounds will all be the first one in your default sound font (usually Grand Piano).

The number 1 problem with this is that expressive sounds are silent when you use CC 11.

You should be using CC2 for dynamics with the default soundfont. Please try using this and let me know if it works. I don't know why there would have been a change to stop CC11 working, apart from a soundfont change, but evidently there has been.

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I don't use the default for all of my sounds, so I don't want to use the expressive sounds. If I use a different sound font for my muted trombone or timpani roll (real use cases for me), it won't work with CC2. Telling the synthesizer to set all sounds to non-expressive and saving as default should (and used to) do just that.

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Ok... that's interesting. I'll have a look into this. I don't remember making any significant changes to how synth state was written, but I think if anyone broke it, it was probably me ;)

It's probably also worth noting that the synthesizer is a really terrible, old, mess of code that unfortunately can't be fixed without breaking backwards compatibility, especially in the way that it writes/saves its state.

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I discovered this is worse than I thought. I discovered that I have to reset sounds in the mixer every time I load the score. I made sure everything was proper. Saved the score, closed it then reopened it and I now have to reset every sound. Not good. I should have tested this on a score with fewer than 25 instruments.

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