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Issue Split chord across staves in cross-staff notation isaac_ 23 5 months ago
Forum topic Stemless notes isaac_ 7 1 year ago
Issue Lyrics Above Staff isaac_ 18 4 years ago
Issue Multi-staff barlines break with hide empty staves. isaac_ 10 7 years ago
Issue Add Support for Different Chords isaac_ 10 7 years ago
Issue Cannot Create Single Barline at an end of Staff Key Signature Change isaac_ 10 8 years ago
Issue Oversized note symbols in bold text (Linux) isaac_ 15 8 years ago
Forum topic Musescore does not Progress Beyond the Splash Screen isaac_ 11 9 years ago
Issue Put Rhythmic "Accent" Type Slashes Further Above Staff isaac_ 2 9 years ago
Issue Organ formatting is non-standard isaac_ 7 9 years ago
Issue Cannot see 8th note ledger lines isaac_ 12 10 years ago
Issue Creating a Tremolo Changes the Time Signature of the Measure isaac_ 9 10 years ago
Issue Underscores in Lyrics are not copied badly/not at all isaac_ 4 10 years ago
Issue Even when hide empty staves is on, keep certian text elements. isaac_ 8 10 years ago
Forum topic Add Certian Note Layout opporations to the manual isaac_ 15 10 years ago
Issue No cautionary time signatures when changing between two different time signatures of the same note value isaac_ 2 10 years ago
Issue Cleff collides with accidentals (mscore beta) (regression from 0.9.5) isaac_ 8 10 years ago
Forum topic how to run nightly builds isaac_ 9 11 years ago
Issue Inserting Measures Screws Up Playback if There is a Subsequent Time Signature Change isaac_ 5 11 years ago
Issue Change the Properties of Multiple Notes at Once isaac_ 3 11 years ago
Forum topic Grace Note Spacing Issue isaac_ 1 11 years ago
Issue Time signatures are not rewritten after they are deleted. isaac_ 3 11 years ago
Forum topic Move notes within the key signature with arrow keys isaac_ 0 11 years ago
Issue Pickup bar is counted in the measure numbering isaac_ 2 11 years ago
Forum topic Increase/decrease the amount of space between notes isaac_ 4 11 years ago