Oversized note symbols in bold text (Linux)

• May 4, 2010 - 01:34
S5 - Suggestion

My system:
ubuntu 10.04
musescore 0.9.6 beta

The problem:
when creating tempo text, using the F2 pallet (text symbols) to insert a quarter note, the note is enlarged and unreadable. Attached is a file showing this. The note is written in the font MScore1 in the attachment. Both the enlarged note and the text is in 12 pt font.


Alas, I do not have the latest nightly build installed, nor have I had any luck with it in the past. But I have noticed something else interesting: the notes in tempo text are not enlarged when I save a copy as a pdf or print. (Revision 2949M). The note in the tempo text is displayed correctly in the pdf. See attached. Considering this, I think that this is only a minor issue.

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Update: this bug is still true in stable 0.9.6. However, this only occurs in tempo text. This does not occur in, for example, system text.

I got this on a ubuntu box in the whole score a couple of weeks ago. On a fresh install.
All the notes in promenade looked big, the same way than in your screenshot.
The bug disappeared after some changes in ubuntu theme and changing the fonts rendering back to default. It's not very clear which particular settings fixed it.