Musescore does not Progress Beyond the Splash Screen

• Nov 26, 2011 - 21:12


I am running:
Ubuntu 10.04
Musescore 1.1
The computer has had both French and English interface options on it; it does not currently, though.

The Problem: Musescore will not progress beyond the splash screen. In the system monitor, the process mscore and mscore.real are said to be sleeping.

Background: The computer had both French and English installed on it. Before that, it was just English. I would log into French as the default. I am convinced that the two languages have something to do with the problem. Note that I never actually changed the Musescore language from English. The menus displayed in French while I was running my computer in French, but the palate buttons remained in English. I suspect this is Ubuntu doing some translation of the menus on it's own part, but I don't know.

The Problem in Detail:
The problem first arose a couple days ago when I was working on the firewalls of the three computers in the house to get them to share files with each other. In doing so, I logged into my system in English. The next time I tried to open Musescore (I believe while I was logged into my account in French, but I'm not 100% sure), it only showed the splash screen, and did not progress beyond it.

In order to fix the problem here are the steps I took (note that this did not actually fix it: see next paragraph).
1) sudo apt-get purge musescore
2) Delete the MusE folders in .config and .local/share/data
3) Uninstall the French interface translation (so that there was only English).
4) Restart the computer to be logged into English.
5) sudo apt-get install musescore

Then I would start Musescore and it would work perfectly fine. However, the next time I would open it, it wouldn't work. I'm not sure it stopped working when I opened it again, or when I turned the computer on again. Anyhow, it regressed to the same problem described above. If I tried fixing it with the above 5 steps, the same outcome would happen.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Now I've completely jettisoned the French language on my computer. After repeating the steps above, and trying to eliminate any other traces of musescore in order to reinstall with a clean slate, skipping step 3 of course because I can't uninstall something which is not already installed, musescore still refuses to get past the splash screen.

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All I can suggest is that you uograde to Natty (11.04)

MuseScore has been running quite happily for me in that, and also in the latest Mint distro which I am now using in preference to 11.10.

It would be worth checking your permissions though.

The solution to one of my problems with Ardour was that I hadn't the relevant permissions in the Audio group.

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Now, after restarting the computer, I am back to the same problem. The only new information now is that what caused it not to work was restarting the computer, not closing and opening the program again (see the last paragraph of the original post).

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So obviously something is resetting when you restart and nerfs MuseScore!

I won't pretend to know where to start looking, but as you were adjusting network settings when all this started, maybe that should be your first port of call?

Is 1.0 affected the same way?

Can you reach from that computer, now with those new firewall settings? I think MuseScore 1.1 by default tries to connect, and I seem to remember having seen an issue like you describe in the forum, where not being able to connect to was the cuplrit.

I seem to have found the cause. I had tried to print something from Musescore yesterday. The printer (which is on a different computer on the home network) was doing strange things, and thus, Musescore was unable to print. Upon fixing the printing problem today, the music was printed out. I had a hunch that Musescore might work, and it did. I also restarted my computer and it still worked. As it turns out, this didn't seem to be a problem with the languages at all. I would call this issue solved.

It is still peculiar, though, that a seemingly unrelated problem should cause Musescore to cease to work entirely. I think it would be valuable to add some stability to Musescore in version 2.0 so that, even when someone's printer is malfunctioning, Musescore can still work.

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