Underscores in Lyrics are not copied badly/not at all

• Jun 25, 2010 - 23:23
S5 - Suggestion

The system:
Muse Score 0.9.6
Windows Vista Business

The bug:
When selections of notation, which contain lyrics with underscores, are copied, the underscores in the lyrics are not copied.

To reproduce:
1. Create a score in 4/4 time for the instrument "voice."
2. In the first bar, add two half notes, then in the second bar, one whole note.
3. Select the first half note and press CTRL+L to add lyrics.
4. Type a word, then type an underscore twice.
5. While still entering lyrics, you should now be on the whole note. Type another word.
6. Select and copy the first 2 bars.
7. Paste the copied portion in the third and fourth bar.

Expected result:
There should be underscores after the first word of the first and third bars.

blah_____ blah   blah______ blah

Actual result:
There is an underscore that goes through the first two words and ends at the third word.

blah___blah___blah  blah

There is no underscore after the third word where there should be

Two files: the first one is before copying, the second is after.


Attachment Size
before_copy.mscx 6.72 KB
after_copy.mscx 8.32 KB


Fix in r3226 in the 0.9.6 branch only.

Lyrics handling in trunk has changed. The attached file does not open correctly in current trunk. If you correct it and follow the instruction, copy paste of lyrics looks broken too.