Increase/decrease the amount of space between notes

• Aug 15, 2009 - 22:15

It would be great to be able to increase/decrease the amount of horizontal space between two notes. This could work the same way as the measure stretch: select two notes and press shift +/- to make increase/decrease the space between them, exactly like you can with measure stretch. Another way would be to drag/drop one note, which is how Sibelius does it.


I am not sure about such a feature... It would allow a user to create some oddly spaced bars.

As an ex Sibelius user I missed this option at first until I discovered the alt+/- function which I love now as MuseScore spaces things out very nicely, relative and automatically.

If the feature was to be a reality I would welcome some form of auto limiting based on an overall average to ensure the action was well within the context of the overall layout. My fear is that odd looking MuseScores may appear out there which would not reflect well on the project in the event that the user were allowed to set any spacing he wished.

Sibelius has and still does some strange things when extracting parts if the score spacing has been screwed with too much.

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"... It would allow a user to create some oddly spaced bars."

Reliance on software to make human decisions is absurd. There are plenty of reasons why a user would prefer some oddly spaced bars, notes, or anything else. In each of the attached examples there is a tie between the second and third sixteenth notes. While it's hardly visible at 100% resolution and default spacing, by adding additional trailing space to the first of the pair, it is easily legible in the second example.

Select the note properties, and increase "Additional trailing space".

There are other ways to trick the software, such as adding lyrics to the note, and setting the lyric invisible.

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You can do this now, just in a different way. Select a note, and edit its properties to add or decrease leading or trailing space. It's a few more steps than you propose, but this isn't something that's needed all that often.

-- J.S.

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