Creating a Tremolo Changes the Time Signature of the Measure

• Jan 14, 2011 - 23:46

My System:
-Ubuntu 10.04
-Musescore Stable Revision 3400 ( is not available for Ubuntu 10.04)

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a piano score in 6/4 (it is not a problem in 4/4)
2) Create two dotted half notes, one right after each other, to take up the whole measure.
3) Select the first note, then double click the triple beamed tremolo between to notes from the palate (NOT the one with a stem)

Expected result: two dotted whole notes with three beams between them. The first should be placed at the beginning of the measure, while the second should be placed in the middle of the measure.

Actual result: two un-dotted whole notes are spaced as in the expected result with a three beams in between. The only difference is that they are not dotted as they should be.

Now go further:
4) Press CTRL + Z (undo) once and the tremolo goes away.

Expected result: two dotted half notes, filling a measure of 6/4.

Actual result: two un-dotted half notes, filling a measure of 4/4. That measure will continue to lack 2 quarter notes no matter what time signatures are stated.

Now go even further more:
5) Put a time signature of 8/4 at the beginning of the piece to replace 6/4.

Expected result: there are two half notes and then a whole rest. There would be 8 beats in the measure.

Actual result: there are two half notes and then a half rest. There are 6 beats in the measure.

Thanks for all your work on Musescore.