Put Rhythmic "Accent" Type Slashes Further Above Staff

• Aug 20, 2011 - 06:34
S5 - Suggestion

Look at the image and the explanation below:

-The first bar looks as it would right after running the plugin without any modification. The slashes were entered in the third voice.

-The second bar looks just like the first bar, except that I dragged the eighth rests to the top of the staff where they belong.

-The third bar was achieved by double clicking on each individual slash note and offsetting it with the arrow keys. It still retains its G pitch (the space above the top line), so this prevents any ledger lines from appearing. I also dragged the rests above the staff.

The third bar is the ideal situation. If it is possible to set an offset in the Javascript program, I think this would do the job. This is the ideal situation because it looks better and allows for the melody to go above the staff.

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Thanks for the Suggestions! Unfortunately, the plugin framework does not currently supporting adjusting rests or notes vertically. It's a possibility for 2.0, but actually, I'm hoping to convince them to add native support for slash notation, so it works with transposition, change of clef, etc. Already for 2.0, rests in a multiple voice context adjust automatically, but I think they are not placed as high as we might like for this purpose.