MuseScore 3 startup time too long

• Jun 13, 2019 - 02:15
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Start up takes more than 3 minutes with 3.0 compared to 13 seconds with 2.3.2. Using Windows 7


Title MuseScore 3 MuseScore 3 statup time too long
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Are you using MDL? If so, which only 3 minutes you're the lucky owner of a pretty speedy computer. Loading the soundfonts that come with MDL are known to take ages to load on MuseScore startup

Musesore Drum Line, an extension you can load and install. It comes, and they it the point here, with a prerty large soundfont, whoch takes ages to load

So what Soundfonts have you loaded?

SF2 type soundfonts should not cause delays as far as I'm aware, SF3 may create a delay for playback to start after the start of MuseScore, but not add to startup time, SFZ would cause a long startup time

I'm using a Dell Inspiron laptop that runs all other programs normally (MS Word, Excel, PPT), Visio CAD, WavePad Editor, etc. Whereas MuseScore 2.3 starts in 10 seconds, 3.0 take 3 or more minutes.

There are many things that slow down loading any version of MuseScore. Sound fonts (Especially if you have MDL added) and Multiple scores open. For me, version 3.1 opens far faster than 2.3.2 and I have basically the same things loading in both.

the version I'm using is

and I can't find a android version except for listening. So by tablet I'm assuming ChromeBook or similar

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@EdJako - I don't see if you answer the question about MDL. Again, it's known that those soundfonts take a long time to load. This was just as true in 2.3.2 as in 3.1. Even if you're not using MDL, it could be some other soundfont. Go to View / Synthesizer in both versions and compare what see on the Fluid and Zerberus tabs between 2.3.2 and 3.1 to be sure. Most liekly whatever difference you are seeing has nothing do with the version of MuseScore and everything to do with what soundfonts you have loaded.

Same "issue" here (using MuseScore
Uninstalling MuseScore Drumline from Help -> Resource Manager -> Extensions reduced the startup time from over 1.5 minutes to just a few seconds (I realize I lost the MDL functionality by doing that of course).

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Also just removing the SFZ soundfonte from the synthesizer would have the same effect, but would keep the MDL palette, so you could still enter this kind of music, just not listen to it