Invert the score colors in dark mode

• May 18, 2020 - 15:46
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Ergonomical (UX)
S5 - Suggestion

Dark themes are really useful in low light context, for instance at night. In musescore, with the dark theme switched on, the menus and controls are dark, but they only occupy a small surface in my screen. The major part of the screen is the actual score, and it is mostly white.

I suggest an inversion of the score colors when the dark theme is used, maybe optionally. Something like this could be great, though someone with design skills will probably be able to find colors with better contrast.


What do you think?


I did not know this menu.
I played a bit with it and I could not change the white background, did I miss something?

What do you think about providing a coherent color theme by default with the dark theme?

Glad to see I can manually do this.
So my request is about providing good defaults and making the switch automatic with dark theme :)

Even with a new "extra dark" theme, it seems the settings in "Edit > Preferences > Canvas" do not depend on a theme.
Is there any plan to move "background" and "paper" colors to "Edit > Preferences > Advanced"? Would a patch toward this goal be welcomed?

Technically they have an access to these settings, but inverting all colors would require also changing colors of elements and staff lines. Since those colors are properties of elements such plugin would produce a score with most colors being actually inverted so colors would have to be inverted back prior to printing or publishing a score. Also some elements (at least measure numbers) don't seem to follow settings on new elements color so those would require additional workarounds in plugins (or perhaps even some fixes in MuseScore).
Other than those limitations, I see no reasons why this cannot be implemented as a plugin.