Repeats not working

• Aug 9, 2020 - 17:19

Repeats do not work. Whether those are single measure repeats, multiple measure repeats, or repeats with different endings, the playback simply passes over the repeat bar and ignores any other signal in the score. I've uninstalled Musescore, installed again, reverted to factory settings, and nothing works. I'd greatly appreciate any help, and I'm sending a file just in case, even though it plays back normally (with repeats) on my friend's PC.

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And here's something else. If I open the above score, and it is already in Page View, repeats play properly. If I change to Continuous View, repeats do not work. If I then return to Page View, repeats also do not work.
If I save the score in Continuous View, and close it. Then reopen it, repeats don't work. Change to Page view, repeats don't work,
Take away seems to be that once playback is done in Continuous View, repeats are broken no matter what view you are in after that. So, on my system the score must be in Page View when it is opened for repeats to work Not a problem for me because that is the only view I use.

Mate I don’t know if this will serve to you as any help, but the same issue occurred to me in the very preceding day I write you this comment. As you stated, I was sure to have my “Play repeats” button on and even toggled off several times in order to see if it would somehow restart the system. I also installed the app again but it made no difference. No matter what I did the problem ensued repeatedly. I searched online for many tips and followed them step by step, even switched to page view with no success. I had eventually given up trying to make it work and went to bed. This morning I opened my score again and it miraculously worked without any complications. My point is that this is indeed a major and recurrent bug, one that must be seen to by MS, and it really doesn’t have a solid explanation. It may not work in one day or the other but it will in the next. If there’s anyone else reading this, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. File a report concerning this to musescore and they’re sure to update the app

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When 3.5.1 gets released in about a week it will be fixed so there's no need to file bug reports. If you would like to test it you can download a 3.x development build from They exist for all 3 supported platforms. It will coexists with 3.5 and changes to a score you make in the development build will be seen when you load a saved score into 3.5 with no compatibility issues.

If you've tried everything else mentioned herein, and are using "nested repeats" - that is, a repeated section with start/end bar lines and a Segno and corresponding D.S. (entered Segno first, then D.S.) that contains the repeated bars - to get the original repeated bars to play on subsequent passes, click on the D.S. and in the Inspector, make sure "Play Repeats" box is checked. That has driven me nuts more than once, because I'm an infrequent user.
Musescore 3.5.2

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Was having problems with a simple piece meant to be repeated 3 times (it only repeated twice), but found that you can have a different Play Count set in the final bar properties for a Part (Play count set to 3), to that set in the Main score (Play count set to 2), but it only uses the Play Count from the main score and ignores what is set in the Part. Musescore 3.5.2. Once the main score play count was set to 3 it worked fine.

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