Software that Converts Sheet Music in Staff Notation to Tonic Sol Fa (do,re, me, fa, etc.)

• May 23, 2017 - 11:49

Is anyone aware of any software that converts either:
1. Sheet Music written in Staff Notation to Tonic Sol Fa (do, re, me, fa, etc.)
2. Digital Music in MP3 or Wav format to Sheet Music in Tonic Sol Fa
I am currently on Windows 10 but am willing to explore any suitable solution on other SW platforms including Mac.
Many thanks
Michael Reidy


For #1, if you mean you have some printed sheet music you want to "digitize" and convert to another format, that's a hard problem. There do exist some tools that can try to work from a PDF to create a usable electronic representation, but it tends to work not very well - think, like what the very first experimental versions of Siri probably were like. But if you'd liek to give it a shot, try File / Import PDF from within MuseScore.

As hard as #1 is, #2 is even harder - that technology basically doesn't exist for the very simplest of cases.

Basically, you're usually better off just entering the music into MuseScore manually. And then creating the Tonic Sol Fa notion from that yourself.

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Hi, basically you are saying better do a manual convertion from stuff notation to Sol fa , considering we do not have any technology exists, right?
If this is the case can you share some rules behind this convertion. Like what is from Stuff notation should map with same in Sol fa? etc


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Not at all. Converting from staff notation to tonic sl fa is pretty easy - if the staff notation is already in MuseScore (or some other notation program). If all you have is a printed sheet of paper, then the hard part is getting from there into software - that's the part that realistically one may need to do manually. But once it is in the software, translating to tonic sol fa is, again, pretty easy.

Supplementary question: is anyone aware of OCR software which can convert printed sol-fa notation to staff notation as MusicXML?

I have a song for men's voices (I think TTBB) which was written in 1906 and was only published as a sol-fa edition. Getting a copy of the original manuscript is difficult or impossible...

Sibelius application is able to typeset only solfa notation. I've posted the steps to doing that on YouTube. Type the following in the search engine :The typesetting of only solfa notation with Sibelius application..

Hi, everyone am Eddie and am new here, i just got elected to take the position of a music director and i need help on how to be able to get the tonic sol fa (do, re, me, fa, etc.) to the songs i will be teaching the choir and i will need it for this song ( HE CARES FOR ME BY EDIFIED GOSPEL) Thanks

Hi. to everyone. Is there a software that can write staff notation at the same time with solfege. For example, the software that can write staff and puts solfege on the top of the notes that is easier for the beginners?
I am currently using forte 11 premium for writing staff but I try to look other things and a fail to locate.

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MuseScore should be perfectly capable of this, the details would just depend on how you want to notate the solfege. If it's just plain text, the various plugins for adding the that should work, or at most need slight adaptations for the specific type of solfege you want (there are several different versions).

if you can explain in more detail what you are looking to achieve - and ideally show a picture of an example - we can understand and assist better.

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