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• Apr 5, 2016 - 12:14

Has anyone done any work on tonic solfa (doh, ray, me, fah etc) being produced by MuseScore?


There are many things called tonic solfa... from simple ascii text to hand symbols below the standard notation. What do you want to do *exactly*?

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I'm re-working "old" Male voice songs published in the 1940s onwards and quite a few of our singers still use the "Tonic Solfa".

I've attached a page of my source document.
Producing the staves plus lyrics is no problem in MuseScore but it would be useful to be able to produce the tonic as well, either as shown or as a totally separate document, which is what I would prefer.
This can certainly be done using Sibelius, but I don't want to go that way.

Hope that answers your question.

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  1. Add the voice instruments (…)
  2. Use Copy & Paste (top staff to Soprano, bottom to Tenor)
  3. Use Implode to fix the first measure on both staves, so everything is now in voice 1. (
  4. Select two voice staves and use Explode (
  5. Replace all double slurs with ties and/or a single slur where appropriate
  6. Remove those text frames that are littering the score (why?)
  7. Add line breaks as desired (for example using

End up with the score as attached.

  1. Use Jojo's link to turn it into solfa

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