Solfa notation

• Dec 2, 2017 - 08:58

Please does anyone have the tonic solfa plug-in?
I'm in dire need of it.


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Its wonderful that musescore has the option of including the insertion of solfa. Only trouble is you can't read it unless you are using a jewelers eye glass!
At least it has made it easier for me as I now go along each note and insert the solfa above the note.

Make a copy of the notenames plugin and modify it based on your key signature. The attachment is for Key of B-flat. Only 2 accidentals have been added namely se and fe. Others will require manual editing.

If solfa-notation is added for alto, lyrics will fall in the same line as the solfa-notation thereby making both the lines overlap.

Simply hit the ENTER key once or twice to leave enough spacing between the notation and lyrics and start adding lyrics from 2nd line.

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I cannot understand all this jargon. Please for a simple button to click to write in solfa.
I have had to manually go through the whole score to input solfa.

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