deleting a line of lyrics

• Oct 12, 2019 - 19:24

How can I delete a line of lyrics? In the attached, I'd like to remove the middle verse.
I've tried deleting each word, but this leaves a blank line between the first and last verses. Any advice gratefully received!


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The easiest way it to click (no right click) the first lyric then shift+click the last lyric to select them all. There is no right click necessary though it is possible to use the Select option from the right click (context) menu as well. The method I described should be the same on all computers.

I tried to click (no right click) the first lyric on a line, then do a shift+click on the last lyric of the same line to select the two lyrics and everything in between, but that didn't do it.

Then I tried a shift+click and I drew a rectangle around the lyrics that I wanted to remove. That worked with MuseScore 3.4.2 and 2.3.2 . The bars also move closer to each other when the lyrics have been removed.

I hope this solution is useful for others. ;-)

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There is a bug where click then shift+click doesn't work if the last lyric is at the very end of the piece. Try adding an extra measure temporarily (Ctrl+B) then you can use click / Shift+click.

But also, right-click then Select / More allows you to select a number of ways easily - including all lyrics of a single verse in a single operation.

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