5 temple blocks

• Jul 1, 2018 - 19:23

Only having 2 temple blocks is boring. Usually, there is 5 temple blocks in concert bands/orchestras or marching bands. Its annoying only able to use 2 blocks


Why stop at 5? Can for for a full set of Lithuanian Skrabalai :-) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YORgXqLDY2I

Actually, I do hope that in future versions of MuseScore Drumline we can continue to add/expand additional instruments.

I also agree with you that for band and orchestra scores, adding this can be helpful.

If you have not yet installed and explored MDL, you should check it out and give feedback on how we can continue to improve it - https://musescore.org/en/mdl

I figured out a thing that makes this work! And you don't have to add any extra soundfonts and whatnot, it's all in the Musescore woodblock soundfonts. As inconvenient and annoying as this is, if you're a perfectionist like me I think it suffices for what I want, since I was doing something for 6 temple blocks and a wood block, and I was able to get a distinct pitch for all of those. It doesn't sound exactly like temple blocks obviously, it sounds more like a dry-sounding wood block, but hey this alone was a pain to figure out so I'm just happy with it as it is.

So first, to make it LOOK right, use the "Fix to Line" tool in the Inspector and put the notes to whichever staff line you need to.
Then, to make it SOUND right, which is the main point of me posting this: use the "Tuning" tool in the Inspector. It actually adjusts the pitch for this soundfont, which is exactly what I needed.
If you look at the picture I have provided on here it shows the tuning I thought worked best for each of the 6 temple block pitches. If it says "A" you first need it on the higher of the two original temple block pitches that Musescore provides, then adjust it however many cents it says. The "B" ones are for the lower of the two original woodblock pitches, then same thing applies.
For the wood block (not temple blocks) pitch that I also needed in what I was making, I put it on the higher of the two original provided pitches, then adjusted it up 300 cents, which is the most it lets you go. I wanted it higher than all of the temple block pitches, so that's what I did. Again see the picture below for the temple block pitches. Hope this helps!

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