Merging Percussion Parts into one stave

• Aug 8, 2016 - 00:35

I am trying to put together multiple percussion instruments on one part because at the moment most of my scores have like 10-12 individual parts that really take up a lot of space. I would like to create a Percussion 1, Percussion 2, etc. because several parts are only used for a short time at once. How can I merge the Tambourine and the Claves into one part for example? Or can I edit anything on the drumset provided or download something to help me?


Welcome, Ian! First step would be to pick which staff you're going to keep (say the Claves), right-click on it, and choose "Staff Properties..." The relevant things to change are probably the number of lines, and the Part name, Long instrument name, and Short instrument name (change to "Percussion"/"Perc."). Click OK when done.

Now, by right-clicking on a percussion staff and choosing "Edit Drumset," you can change which notes are available for that staff. So, for instance, after checking in the Tambourine's drumset to see which pitch number the tambourine sound is, you can add it into the Percussion (formerly Claves) drumset.

When done adding the Tambourine part to the Percussion staff, press [i] to open the instruments window, and remove the extraneous Tambourine staff.

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