2nd time only in repeats

• Nov 15, 2012 - 23:40

How do I edit a piece so a part is played only the second time through on a repeat?
Please let me know.


Not really. I understand how to put in voltas, but I want (for example) the low brass to play a part the first time through and trumpets to join in on the second time.
I appreciate the help so far!

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I think what he wants is for certain passages that are *not* part of a volta to be marked "2nd time only" and have that be honored in playback. This is pretty common when writing a repeated section where you want it to build up in layers - one instrument or group of instruments plays both times, but others enter only on the second time time through.

I don't know of a way to make this happen in MuseScore. I'd just put the notes in with the text marking, then if for some reason you really needed the playback to reflect this, export to a MIDI file and edit it there.

Meanwhile, adding a feature where you can define this sort of thing for a range of notes would be a nice enhancement request.

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Thank you,

It looks as that person on the French forum didn't need Musescore to implement such changes in the performance flow, he was preparing a score for live execution and simply putting staff text was enough. Anyway, I added a post there with the link to this thread.

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Hi, I've been searching for a while... reviving this old thread seems at the moment the best option not to spread information... I hope nobody gets upset with it.

One way to implement it (I mean write code for it) could be:

In the inspector, instead of just one "play" checkbox, there would be many, corresponding to the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth... passage. And you can put whatever staff text you want, if you want any, playback won't depend on it anyway.

That's how Sibelius does it (I think it offers 8-12 checkboxes, I can't remember exactly now), you select how many items/notes/measures you want to affect and you change the marks in those check boxes, will/won't play 1st time, 2nd time, etc., default is all marked.

The checkboxes appear kind of greyed if on that pass some of the selected items would play and not others, nevertheless they are modifiable giving the possibility to unify all the selected items into checked or not, will/won't play on that pass. If any greyed checkbox is left unmodified, nothing changes on that pass.

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I had a question not too long ago where I didn't actually see the other thread (and made a new one). Reviving old threads is perfectly fine, and even if a new thread is made, we just link the two together so everyone can cross reference them. I came across the same question when writing my piece just now, and that does seem like a good way to do it. I'm assuming editing there also transfers to an exported midi in Sibelius? That sounds like a good way to do it.


I'm not sure you posed the question to me... actually, I mentioned Sibelius only "crediting" the fact that the approach I can think of to this goal is just the one Sibelius adopts (at least what I saw in version... 7 I think it was).

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