Different notes in a repeat

• Sep 5, 2013 - 03:37

In some books, the bar shows notes in brackets that should be played when it's repeated.

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Whilst it maybe possible to create at the moment (using multi-voice and manually moving the notes out), what do others think about the implementation of a feature to properly accommodate this?

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Optional parenthesized notes are very common for a number of reason that have nothing to do with repeats. Eg, writing out an ornament, providing an easier-to-play alternative to the main notes, providing an alternative to be played if you have an Af attachment on your trombone, etc. So I'm all on favor of anything that would simplify the process of adding these optional parenthesized notes (although it's not hard as it is) for all of those cases, but would not be keen on a facility that was limited in usefulness to just that one special use case.

Oh, but it *would* be nice to be able to attach a "second time only" playback instruction to any given notes. This would have nothing to do with parentheses; it's way more common in situations where the second-time-only notes are on fact the only notes, so you just rest the first time.

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If that feature were implemented, it would be "nice to have" it more generalized:

a) Last time only playback, not just second time only (as in a descant line that is only played the last verse), or X times after Y times resting

b) tempo changes that only apply the last time through.

and have that implemented in playback, not just in notation (I recognize playback is not the primary focus, notation is). So, nice to have, IMO.

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Oh, defintely, not just "2nd time only" and definitely I am talking about playback here - after all, you can already create the notation. Seems in principke this could be applied to any elements - notes, dynamics, tempo markings, etc - but realistically, I'd be surprised to see it implemented for anythng but notes.

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