Can't customize palette contents in MuseScore 4

• Jan 10, 2023 - 17:06

As described in the handbook, one should be able to drag-n-drop items into a palette from another palette or from the score while pressing Ctrl+Shift. I however cannot get this to work in 4.0. Am I doing something wrong? This still works for me in the 3.6 build I previously used, and I tested both versions just now to confirm.


I was able to do it just by dragging (without ctrl+shift) but sometimes it would glitch out on me and not let me drag anything. Closing and reopening fixed it usually

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I reported that Ctrl+Shift and drag-from-score was also broken in my OP. What me and @graceaoduffy established that it indeed sometimes occur, but goes away after a restart. So far I haven't been able to reproduce the situation in new instances of the software, but will report if it recurs.

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I don't think that's it. I tried it again today, and to my surprise, it allowed to me to drag three items from the score onto my custom palette, with seemingly a huge margin of error for where I drop them… and then it immediately stopped working again. As in, I slowly drag it across just about every pixel of the palette, and it refuses to work anywhere. There's definitely something else going on. My first thought was it's picky about whether you hold Shift before holding Ctrl or vice versa, and now I'm thinking there might be some bug that won't let it work unless the last action was something really specific, like the element you edited was something on the same staff as the thing you're trying to drag, or something weird like that. Been messing around with it again and still can't get it to work again.
Edit: I tried a few more times and got everything onto the palette that I wanted, but now it doesn't work again. It's still a mystery.

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I have also encountered this. I find that closing and restarting Musescore fixes the problem - for a while. I suspect that then something I do in the normal couse of entering and editing notation unfixes it again, but so far I have not been able to identify action what if any breaks it. It's a slight irritation as adding things to palettes is not something I do very often and I haven't yet put much effort into investigating the problem.

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