arpeggio between voice 1 and voice 2

• May 4, 2018 - 02:00

The third system first bar has arpeggios between voice 1 and voice 2. The stems need to point different directions. If they didn't, I could choose one voice and have the arpeggio spanning both notes. I don't see a way to lengthen the arpeggios as written. And I can't find a text arpeggio to insert and cover the small ones. Suggestions?


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You just need an arpeggio symbol.
First: Delete the top or bottom one.
And then: Double click and extend the Arpeggio symbol. (up or down, with one of two small square boxes.)

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Jojo--It doesn't play right, but it looks right now. The notes pass so fast, only a good listener would notice. It will work for my purposes of including it with it's audio in an HTML e-book. Good thought for future updates though. All that tech and programming stuff is way over my head. I just use the finished product. And I'm very grateful for whatever you provide! <3

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